Beaded Valentine Socks

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Put hearts on your socks for Valentine’s Day.

10 reviews for Beaded Valentine Socks

  1. Jennie Woolworth

    got the pattern, now to work
    so glad I got the patterns. I am trying to get it done by Christmas. Thanks

  2. Anonymous

    Directions for beading
    Jenny’s printed diagram and directions were well prepared. The pattern is entitled “Beaded Valentine Sock’ but only the directions to the beginning of the heel are included. The video was excellent and so easy to do. Also could put it on the scarf Jamie was wearing.

  3. Christien Shipton

    Beaded heart sock pattern
    As a fairly new cranker I so appreciate the up close videos. Thank you very much.

  4. Anonymous

    Great addition for socks
    Watched the show and ordered the free pattern. It was easy to do and didn’t mess up the first time. Wonder if Jenny has more patterns. Thanks to her inspiration, I’m trying some patterns on my own. Thanks again to Jamie and Jenny.

  5. Sue Moore

    hearts start here
    Thank you Miss Jenny for an easy to understand and execute pattern

  6. Sue Moore

    I heart this
    This video has given me the confidence to go beyond my standard mock rib and decorate my socks with a special touch.

  7. Anonymous

    Beaded Sock Pattern
    Your beaded sock video was clear and concise and very helpful in understanding how to attach a bead to a CSM. Thank you so much for showing us how it is accomplished.

  8. Anonymous

    The instructions were easily understood and executed.

  9. Anonymous

    beginners can do it, too!!
    This video session was excellent, and, like the others is very informative. I hope that we will be able to re-play them as we need help.

  10. Anonymous

    Valentine sock
    Very nicely done though ribbing and beads would look nicer in red.

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