Cardboard Cones

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Wide bottom, narrow top. Cone is 6 3/4″ high with a 2 5/8″ diameter base. For use with the Silver Needles Cone Winder or any winder that accepts this type of cone.

Cone Price goes to .30 each for quantities of 120 or more.

10 reviews for Cardboard Cones

  1. Constance Burleson

    cones for manual cone winder
    I was not able to locate cones for my winder locally so Erlbacher provided the product that I needed at a reasonable price. I received them a couple of days. Thank you!

  2. Pamela Fromenthal

    Awesome Cones
    Thanks for the quick service. These cones are what I really needed to keep going.

  3. Lynn Dukes

    Finally – 2
    I was so excited to see this and ordered these and the winder immediately!
    This is so much easier and faster than a regular cone winder!
    Stack inside each other when not in use – not sure where I will store them – but that’s a minor problem, at this point I have wound 4 and only stopped because my drill needed charging!
    Sturdy construction – I was worried they would be flimsy and not hold up – I feel these will last a long time!
    Highly recommend these!

  4. Jennie Woolworth

    Just what I have wanted for so long
    I have wanted an item like this for years. I got it today and it is perfect. thanks for designing this

  5. Michelle Goodrich

    Very sturdy!
    Very nice and sturdy cones and the price is great. If I need more, I will purchase from Erlbacher Gearhart again.

  6. Susan Newberry

    Excellent product and very fair price!
    Fits the bill well for winding yarn into cones for use with CSM. As with all products offered by Erlbacher Gearhart Co, they have been personally selected by staff that understands what is needed, and then offered at a great price!

  7. Anonymous

    I am just learning to knit on a Csm and needed more cones for my yarn. I previously had purchased some used ones on eBay and they were not all the same. These cones are consistent and have a nice grippy texture to keep the yarn from slipping. Thanks!

  8. Jess (verified owner)

    These work great as does the drill cone winder, and infinitely cheaper than other electric cone wonder options. NOTE if you want to buy new cones for your winder, buy these ones, I got ones of a similar size with a wider top hole and they are a royal pain to get off the cone wonder.

  9. Barbara Eaton-Dunn

    Anxious to receive the weights.

  10. Nadine Donovan (verified owner)

    I bought cones when I ordered my machine. These work really well with my Sunfire cone winder. The cones are sturdy and stack well on each other for storage. I plan on ordering more.

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