Super Deluxe Machine Package

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If custom color is chosen, it must be a single process coat. No base, top, vein, river or texture coats. Please read the Prismatic Powder color description closely. If you have questions on a specific color, contact Kim at


Super deluxe machine package. Includes the following: Reduced Ratio or 1:1 (1:1 is also known as a “Speedster”) crank handle, choice of 2 cylinders and 2 ribber dials, ribber assembly (including tappet plate and ribber arm), ribber and cylinder needles, set of 3 stem weights, buckle, double-ended pick, extra cylinder spring, crescent, wooden shipping box, set of 3 heel forks with weights and a row counter.

Custom powder coat colors can be selected for an additional cost.  If custom color is chosen, it must be a single process coat. No multi, clear, base, top, vein, river, illusion, candy or texture coats can be used. Please read the Prismatic Powder color description closely. If you have questions on a specific color, contact Kim at

8 reviews for Super Deluxe Machine Package

  1. Robin Anderson

    well built must get !
    got the super deluxe speedster package
    cylinders and ribbers 48 & 60 and the table accessories package , love it but it has a real learning curve to it specially on what yarns you can run through it I was hoping the 48 would run my homespun worsted/dk yarns for thick socks but I need to spin lighter stuff yet other wise break needles its just a learning curve and a great machine love it and fun , well built, would buy it again , and best customer service ever

  2. Heather Davis

    Wonderful machine! Fantastic packaging and included tools.
    I rarely get excited about packaging. But, this machine was so beautifully packaged in it’s own custom-designed wooden box that I will keep forever. Each piece was carefully screwed into place to avoid damage. A great tool kit came along with it.

    I got the machine out of the box, set up and operating in under an hour and I’m a rookie. I was cranking away in no time. The machine is gorgeous (red is my favorite color) and works like a dream. I bought the table too and it is also custom-designed for the machine. Extremely high quality machine and equipment. I am so excited!

  3. Delynn Fillinger

    Super Deluxe package
    My machine arrived and I am very happy with my purchase. Kim realized I had made a mistake in my choices for ribber dials and graciously held my hand through the entire process. In the box was also a picture of how the things were in the box so when I go to put them back I can be assured of putting everything back in its correct spot to avoid any damage from an improper repack.

    The online and USB videos are amazing and it is nice to have the Facebook community to help answering any questions or issue that might arise.

    Well done Erlbacher Gearhart Team!

  4. Anonymous

    Made in the USA!
    Am glad I bought the csm.Hoped I could tell you how easy it is to make my own socks but I am still learning how to do everything. My machine runs smooth as long as I remember to put the weight on. I love it! The videos on YouTube are as good as having an instructor sitting with you. The customer service is excellent. I plan on buying more cylinders once I start making socks.

  5. Koriayn Christensen

    Outstanding Customer Service, Outstanding Product
    I am thrilled with my purchase of my Erlbacher Gearhart CSM. I am thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship and care that has clearly gone into each component.

    The crate in which the machine arrives is excellent by its lonesome– very practical and sturdy.

    Although there is a steep learning curve for this piece of machinery, the manual included, the YouTube videos, and the Ravelry group are all amazing resources.

    Now, onto the customer service: no company has ever worked harder to ensure my satisfaction. There was a slight hitch with my machine being shipped to the wrong street address which ordinarily would be disastrous! I was able to call well after business hours, speak to Jamie directly, and she saw to it that my machine was diverted to the correct address.

    Prior to this, I was able to email Jamie with a few questions about cylinder size and she answered me promptly and cheerfully.

    I look forward to giving this company even more of my business as the years go on and I am able to invest more into my CSM.

    Thank you all so very much for your hard work and dedication.

  6. Steven Schumacher

    Made in the USA
    We loved the cute little box it came in. We are proud to be purchasing a quality US Made sock knitter. The extra details inside the box are nice too. Nice work everyone!

  7. Anonymous

    After making 3 socks
    The machine arrived promptly and in great condition. The wooden box definitely protected all the small delicate parts.
    I appreciate that it came with everything necessary to get started. The manual was clear and very helpful. Where I had questions, the YouTube videos answered them. This is one of the most completely satisfactory purchases that I have made.

  8. Claire Yoshida

    The Super Deluxe option is the way to go! Packaging is stable and secure and everything fit together like a dream. What they don’t tell you is how wonderful the service is from start to finish. Kim is awesome, she answered all my questions and made me feel well cared for. I bought my machine during the height of COVID and the personal touch was such a gift when everything was feeling so disconnected. I love my machine and love the Erlbacher crew !

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