Fancy Slotted Yarn Carrier

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This slotted brass yarn carrier has a lip that helps the yarn to stay down in the slot and not pop out causing dropped stitches on the toe.


8 reviews for Fancy Slotted Yarn Carrier

  1. Elisa Miro

    Absolute Necessity
    Once you go slotted, you never go back! How many times have you wished you could re-thread your machine bonnet without starting from the beginning? Just buy this – it’s an investment, a time-saver and reduces headaches.

  2. Constance Burleson

    not what i expected
    The edges that the yarn runs through are sharp and I replaced it with the original yarn carrier immediately.

  3. Lesia Foresee

    Yarn Saver
    Just starting to learn to use my machine, and not having at lot of practice yarn. It is so nice to be able to remove the yarn to start over without having to cut it.

  4. Theresa Dilibero

    Slotted yarn carrier? Yes.
    I understand why Erlbacher/Gearhart wants to send the non-slotted version, but I have the slotted ones for my other machines and just prefer them. Be aware that you need to be careful not to cut the yarn on the slots. Once you get past that tiny little hurdle, you will swear by the slotted.

  5. Elizabeth Griffitts

    Fancy yarn carrier
    Got this for my Speedster, it is already saving me yarn, because I’m not having to cut yarn in order to remove incomplete projects from machine. Have not had much problem with dropping stitches. Worth the money IMHO. One can always put tape over the slit for a temporary unslotted yarn carrier.

  6. Dawn Ykema

    Dont have to cut yarn as often.
    I got this so I could add contrasting heels without have to cut and reattach my main yarn. Also if I have to unwind a project it will make things much easier.
    Love it.

  7. Archie Gunn Jr

    Awesome yarn carrier!!
    I have a 1925 Gearhart with original yarn carrier. I wanted a slotted carrier to avoid snipping my sock yarn to bits when I had to start over on a sock. Not only is it easy to use, but no dropped stitches on the heels and toes.

    It is a little more than a regular slotted yarn carrier, but I think it is worth it.

  8. Tamyra Hall (verified owner)

    I love the slotted yarn carrier !!! Everyone needs one!!!

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