Half Heel Weight

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By popular demand, we are introducing the Heel Half Weight. It weighs 4 ounces, whereas the one that comes on the machine weighs 8 oz. Some people feel like the 8 ounce weight gives too much pull down and makes the heel tension too tight. This weight will aid in lessening the tension on the heels.   Red, Yellow, Hunter Green, Ink Black or Black Metallic.

2 reviews for Half Heel Weight

  1. Holly Marsh

    Very useful
    This weight shipped quickly, and was packed well. I was able to install it on my Speedster with no issues, and it does a great job. I use it when making heels and toes, and no longer have to adjust the tension knob to keep a consistent stitch size.

  2. Nzinga Ajani

    Better than the original
    This lighter weight is much better for the stitches, they don’t stretch out so much anymore and the yarn feed is much smoother….

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