Latch Tool Bind-off

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Illustration and description of latching off of the sock machine with a latch hook tool.

3 reviews for Latch Tool Bind-off

  1. Christien Shipton

    Free patterns and instructions
    Thank you for the free patterns you do supply. I’ve not used the bind off yet. Will do so in the future.

  2. James Malsam

    Great video
    Very helpful video, everyone that has a sock machine and are learning should get this video.

  3. Tim Kellie

    Not as flexible as I’d like
    I tried this bindoff method as one of several when I was trying to figure out the best way to finish a toe up sock on my CSM. If I have my terms right, this is a knit only bindoff. This did not provide as much stretch as I like (same with the purl only bindoff). What I like to use is a knit-purl bindoff, which requires working alternately from the inside and outside of the cylinder. This (K-P) works particularly well with a mock rib cuff — the bind off is hidden inside the sock (it is a little bulky), and it adds an additional bit of (gentle) elasticity for holding up the sock.

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