Red Double Ended Pick

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As good as it gets…’s the RED pick!


13 reviews for Red Double Ended Pick

  1. Adriane Weatherby

    I Love this Tool!
    I Love this tool. I was so sad when my old one broke…. I couldn’t find anything tiny enough to reach up into the cylinder from underneath though, so I was using the broken halves to get the job done. I ordered 2 new ones. 🙂

  2. Allison Barrett

    Fabulous Picking
    I had a blue one and broke it in half, just had to get another because they are superior for sock cranking and picking up stitches.

  3. Andrea Bolldorf

    simply perfect
    I got one of these and it is perfect for the work with a CSM. The endings are fine enough to catch the yarn between the ribber and cylinder yet, sturdy enough to handle some heavy tugging. All metal parts are smooth.
    The width of the red handle part is not too slim and gives you a great grip.
    A must have for everyone in the csm world

  4. Beverly Prewitt

    I bought extras!
    I bought extras so I could keep one at each machine and I put my blue one away for safe keeping!

    Tool is great for working with sock machines and flatbed machines.

  5. Elaine Laborde

    Works wonderful
    I’m glad I bought it. It’s much better than the wooden handled one that comes with the machine. It’s “pointier” and the “pick” end is solidly embedded into the handle. I really, really like it.

  6. Quinna Renner

    A MUST have!!
    This is my all time favorite tool!!!!

  7. Jennie Woolworth

    the best service
    I was so glad this pick came so soon. I have another one but like this one because it has a sharper point. Thanks for sending it so soon.

  8. Moraima Rivera

    Love it!
    I love these hooks so much that I had to buy 2 more. Now I keep one with the Speedster, one with the Legaré, and one with the flat bed knitting machines.

  9. Mathilda Bohanon

    My 3rd hand.
    I have 3 of these. 2 for CSM’s and 1 for my Flatbed Knitting machines. Great tool.

  10. Michelle Goodrich

    A Great Tool!
    My husband picked up the Red Pick that came with the speedster and announced how great it would be to remove gaskets. I grabbed it back and told him not to touch it. So, I ordered two more. One extra for me and one for my husband’s Christmas stocking.

    It is a well made tool.

  11. Tim Kellie

    Good extra
    I purchased this as an additional type of tip when I purchased the double ended (wood handled) hook. It is probably unnecessary to have both. I do find the blunter tip on this one too blunt, and for the yarns and tension I use it is less helpful than my more tapered tips. Overall well constructed, and it may just take some time and practice to find the perfect uses for this tool.

  12. Fran Ogren

    The most comfortable tool!
    This is every bit as good as the blue one I had for so long! Hope this one doesn’t break!!! I bought an extra for a friend who is learning to use a CSM. I hope they continue to be available!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Well-made and excellent quality
    Just precisely what I would expect from a GERMAN MADE tool. NOT JUNK in any way, shape, or form.

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