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Table, custom built for Erlbacher CSM’s with 3/4″ plywood top. Light weight and portable, this table folds flat and will fit easily into the trunk of most cars, under a bed, etc….

Table top dimensions:   Approximately 22″ long, 11-1/4″ wide and 3/4″ thick.  Height adjustable for sitting or standing.

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14 reviews for Table

  1. Claudia Jervey

    just what I was looking for
    I will like traveling with this new CSM stand. I have a large option for my home studio. It is light and very easily folds up to take on the go.

  2. Ellen Gibson

    Not Disappointed!
    I am so glad I spent the extra money to get the table to go with my machine. Their videos on YouTube made putting the table together easy. They also included instructions. I almost didn’t purchase but decided to go ahead. It was packaged nicely and the build is high quality. This table is made for your machine and you will not be disappointed.

  3. Lani Sykes

    Just a little tweak
    I love that this table has an adjustable height and folds up nicely. The only thing I wish is that just one of the holes in the top was a bit smaller to be able to hold a latch tool and that it was a bit longer. I currently have a Black and Decker table for my LeGare whose dimensions and hole size/placement work well. It’s just the height adjustment that is missing.

  4. Betsy Ward-Thompson

    good for the price but customer needs to finish
    Shipping was quick. I like the base, adjustable and very stable yet lightweight enough to move easily. The top size is ok but the top surface seems to be fiber board. After installing my machine, the top soaked up oil and I’m left with big oil stains on it that I can’t remove. I’m going to try staining the top and covering with varathane. I will also need to sand the holes as they are very rough. It would have been helpful to have a note included recommending treatments for the top prior to installation. Overal I’m disappointed.

  5. Kerri Heineman

    A beautiful work of art, the machine works right out of the lovely box in which it arrived. The instruction manual is easy to follow and the customer service is the best.

  6. LBMaynard

    Great Portable Table
    Couldn’t wait for Christmas to get this table once I saw it at the New England Fiber Festival. Folds nicely to travel, yet very sturdy. Threaded holes for multiple use was a nice touch, as were the eye bolts to hang weights on. The table surface was a little rough, especially at the yarn holes. My husband is putting on a few coats of polyurethane to fix that. He’s also attaching a bar on the end to hang my heel forks. A little tweaking will make this perfect.

  7. Moraima Rivera

    Love it!
    Only sorry I didn’t get it when I bought the Speedster. We had the table recommended by the Colorado Cranker blog but it is too high. Tried several chairs with no luck. However, the Erlbacher table is just right. There was no instruction sheet and it wasn’t packaged the same as the YouTube video but we finally figured it out. Then, we just put it at the desired height and there is no worry about the height of the chair.

  8. Steven Schumacher

    Knitter table
    Nice job on the table. The extra detail and height adjustments will make it’s usage that much easier to use for both my wife and me.

  9. Anonymous

    Erlbacher table excellent value
    I bought this table to use with my Legare antique sock knitter. The table is well-designed for this purpose. It is very well constructed, folds compactly and has made working with my sometimes-cantankerous antique much more enjoyable. I plan to purchase another and one of their new sock knitters. It’s great to support an American business that does quality work.

  10. Margaret Kean

    Excellent Table
    I received this table for Christmas, and am pleased with it. My husband gave it to, and it was just what I wanted.

    1. This does not come with a manual, however it was so easy to put together, I was able to do it without tools (finger tight bolts)
    2. The height is infinitely adjustable with a tension lever (not holes) – I know some people like to stand and knit.
    3. The top can go in either direction since the center tube comes out and can go back in facing another direction. Mine arrived with the top going in the wrong direction, and I was upset because the weights would hit the leg – until I realized I could change the orientation of the entire top.
    4. In the photo, it appears that the top is a wood top. It is not; it is a utility wood laminate, and I’m not certain if the very top layer is wood or some sort of plastic/formica type surface. It is not “beautiful” but it’s only a fraction of the price of the beautiful tables, LOL. It is very industrial.
    5. I did not give this 5 stars because this top had some very rough areas and gaps in the lamination. I intend to give the edges a good sanding so my wools don’t catch on the edges, and fill the gaps with either wood putty or epoxy. After I am done, I may paint this to cover it up.
    6. If this top ever wears out before the legs, I will have my husband make me a solid wood top.

    This is my second time writing this review because the first time it erased my whole review because the purchase was made under my husband’s email rather than mine! 🙁

  11. Nzinga Ajani

    Ah the table
    The good: Table is functional, heavy enough to hold your machine. No tipping over problems.

    The bad: EVERYTHING you put on the table top will fall off as soon as you start to crank…needles, glasses, tools, yarn etc.

    The rest: Table top is not pretty. Looks ROUGH!especially around the edges.

    Not sure if table can hold more than one machine,there is a lot of surface space but only one machine “notched area”.

    Would have been great if able to turn table top to reach “back” of machine.

    Holes in table top to feed yarn from under are very big, much bigger than any yarn the machine can use.

  12. Anonymous

    a must have
    I should have purchased this with my original order for the sock machine. Uses minimal floor space and is perfect for using the machine. Only thing I would recommend is either an instruction sheet or a new YouTube video since my table was not packaged the same as the one in the current video.

  13. efuller1021

    I’d like to talk to Leslie Maynard and ask about what her husband used to hang her hooks. I’ve thought about that for a long time but have no clue what to use.

  14. Jeanne

    Really like this table. It is easy to take with me to meetings. Breaks down easily for storage and travel. I am a shortie so Hubby had to shorten the height and adjust the buckle thingy placement for me. Nice that it comes naked so you can make the table top your own. I only wish it was just a little bit bigger. Thumbs up!

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