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Row counter counts the knitted rows so you don’t have to keep track.   Base available in Red, Yellow, Hunter Green,  Ink Black or Black Metallic.

All of our machine packages already include the row counter.   The row counter base was created to fit the Erlbacher machine that is reverse engineered from the 1924 Gearhart.

3 reviews for Row Counter

  1. Dorinda Balanecki

    Very well made …but
    It is VERY well made however…. Be a ware of the shape edges on the metal wing that trips the counter. It sliced my finger….. 🙁

    I bought this for my 1924 Gearhart. Even though it came with a drawning of where to install the mounting hole it did not work for my machine. I suggest installing the metal wing to the yarn guide first and hold the counter to where it hits the tripping wing. That is where you need to drill and tap the hole.

    I am happy to have this for my old machine! Thank you

  2. Vickie Storlie

    I tried several digital counters for my older machines and wasn’t able to come up with one that worked for me.

    So I purchased the row counter. After some adjustment to the off-set of the arrow it works great.

    I didn’t want to drill a hole into the base of my older machines but it worked out well.

  3. Emma Urban

    Row Counter
    I purchased this product for my Legare 400. It wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for. But, I did get it installed and it is working beautifully. Having a row counter makes all the difference in the world. Thank goodness for the network of online CSM knitters for the help I got in how to install it for my Legare.

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