Yarn Carrier Bar Assembly

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The yarn carrier bar is complete with the carrier face as well as the adjustment screw. The height is adjustable to fit your vintage 1924 Gearhart machine. The carrier face is brass and the bar itself is made of powder coated steel.

6 reviews for Yarn Carrier Bar Assembly

  1. Cynthia Ferguson

    Yarn Carrier and bar assembly
    Finally a slotted carrier for my Legare 400. It looks and functions beautifully. Thank you.

  2. Ali Cimorelli

    Arm bar and yarn carrier mechamism
    I found the mechanism to be made with high quality craftsmanship. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the paint on the arm bar had to be filed down before it could fit my machine.

  3. Katy Koch

    New part for an old CSM
    The yarn carrier on my 1914 Gearhart had come to the end of it’s life. I decided to call Erlbacher Gerhart and see if their replacement yarn carrier might possibly fit my antique machine. The person I spoke with was very familiar with the part and, explained exactly what tiny adjustment would need to be made to the part, for it to work on my antique CSM. She was right. The part arrived quickly, and in about five minutes, I was up and cranking again. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. You saved my 103 year old machine.

  4. Mary Coburn

    Excellent Replacement Part
    The new yarn Carrier Bar Assembly works wonderfully well! I had a little trouble with it at first, as the paint makes it a tight fit in the machine’s channel, but once in and adjusted, it works just fine.

  5. Mary Coburn

    Great Replacement Carrier
    I ordered a new yarn carrier to replace the one that came with my machine that was frozen with rust. It works just right! Thanks folks for an easy and fast transaction!

  6. Stuart Mccaskill

    Yarn Carrier is the Best!
    The yarn carrier is beautifully made! I like the coated steel bar and particularly the brass guide plate. It is easier on the needles and works perfectly as all of your parts do. Thank you for excellent customer service and outstanding quality parts! Stuart and Patty McCaskill

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