Cylinder and Ribber Combination Guide

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Written by Steve Ashton this guide will help you understand cylinder and ribber dial combinations and how to get the most use out of the cylinders and ribbers in your collection.

15 reviews for Cylinder and Ribber Combination Guide

  1. Cynthia Ferguson

    Ribber and cylinder information all in one place
    So, glad I found this. I own a Legare 400 and was considering purchasing a 64 cylinder and ribber. This article helped me in my decision.

  2. Pamela Fromenthal

    Awesome Cylinder – ribber charts
    These ware making life easier. I made some lamented for use for various combinations, on my favorite combos I will have these permanently marked.

  3. Pamela Fromenthal

    Cylinder/Ribber printouts
    These are really great. It gives me the ability to make my own mapping out of placement for my needles.

  4. Janet Monahan

    Great ribber cylinder combo
    Should be interesting to do

  5. James Malsam

    Great robber cylinder combo
    I’m a new to CSM knitting and I need all the help I can get.

  6. James Malsam

    Great Cylinder ribber charts
    These charts will make life easier as I learn how to make socks.

  7. Karen Jeffery

    Perfect tool for the newcomers
    I got this guide in readiness of my new machine coming. I wanted to be sure of the ribber and cylinder before putting my hands on them. It is very well written and easy to use charts. Thank you

  8. Marina Kleykens

    very helpful
    I need all the info I can get

  9. Silvia Luggenhölscher

    Learning and doing
    I am new and so I need all infos I can get…. It makes it most simply to handle with . Will try it soon as my machine arrived

  10. Chet Wolniakowski

    Cylinder, Ribber Guide
    It was okay. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I thought it would be more like if you have this type of cylinder you can use these different ribbers with it. More or less show the different ribbers that can be used with different cyliners. For example: A 72 cylinder can use a 24, 36, 48 or 72 ribber. I hope that made sense.

  11. Anonymous

    Cylinder n rubber guid
    Great patterns and jnformation

  12. Anonymous

    Very helpful
    I found this article most helpful and would love it if Jamie and her associates blogged all their tips and tricks when it comes to the Earlbacher.

  13. Melanne Carr

    Cylinder and Ribber Combination Guide
    I the past I have downloaded some of these and wanted other this time but could never find them so didn’t end up with anything.

  14. Moraima Rivera

    Very informative
    I consider myself a newbie at CSM knitting. That is why I can use all the information that I can get. My only wish is to have a list of possible rib combinations with the cylinders and ribbers available as suggested bu Chet in his Feb 29, 2016 review.

  15. Stuart Mccaskill

    New Cylinder and New Ribber Fits 1914 – 1925 Gearhart Sock Knitters
    We have a 1925 Gearhart sock knitter that needed a new cylinder and the whole ribber assembly. We bought a 60 needle cylinder and the ribber and tappet assembly and used our original ribber disk. The parts are machined magnificently! Its like you are ordering parts from the original factory if your machine was made between 1914 – 1925. With just a slight fitting of where the ribber “plugs” into our plate it was perfect! The machine knits and ribs better than brand new. We also got the row counter cam and it worked great. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting parts from Earlbacher for your original machine. They are WONDERFUL people to work with!! Stuart and Patty McCaskill

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